Producing steel since 1957


Acciaierie Venete first began producing steel in 1957 operating in the field of commodities: ingots, billets and rebars. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company began to move towards the production of high quality long products, a process which led to it becoming one of Europe's leading producers in the engineering steel market.

The company has not only grown and developed internally (by investing in human resources, technology, processes and products) but also externally (with the acquisition in 2003 of the Sarezzo, Mura and Dolcè plants and in 2018 of the Borgo Valsugana and Odolo plants).

Acciaierie Venete has a production capacity of 2.000.000 tonnes/year of steel. This steel is produced in Padua, Sarezzo and Borgo Valsugana and transformed into finished products in Padua, Sarezzo, Mura, Dolcè, Odolo and Buja. For some applications, the steel is additionally processed in Modena and Idro. The steel produced by the company is used in a number of industrial sectors: automotive, earth-moving equipment and agricultural machinery, energy, mechanics and construction.

Acciaierie Venete owes its success to the work carried out by almost 1400 employees, employed across different areas: production, inspection and control, assembly and transport, sales and marketing, and customer services.
A wide range of products (high quality bars, continuously cast round bars, wire rods and billets), coupled with an extensive commercial network, have enabled the company to add a number of major industrial names in the global steel market to its client list.