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Career opportunities

We seek excellence

Working at Acciaierie Venete means being part of a cohesive, passionate, future-oriented team, focused on professional growth and talent development. A team where people are the most important asset. If you’re ready to make a difference, check out our job offers or send us your CV.


People are at the centre of our strategies

We are convinced that the company's policies should foster the development of human resources' potential, should offer opportunities for professional and career growth, and should guarantee an inclusive and stimulating work environment where excellent individual and team performance go hand in hand with a quality organisational climate and a commitment to fostering everyone's professional development.


A driving value

The growth of our company, the drive for innovation in our processes and the constant improvement in the quality of our products are the fruit of the passion of our employees, cultivated through training, development plans and career paths.

Development paths

Professional growth as a bridge to the future

We’ve been offering a variety of training and coaching initiatives for years, convinced that the future of our company depends on giving our employees the opportunity to develop their potential by supporting their professional growth. 

Acciaierie Venete Academy

The flagship of our training programme

Dedicated to young university graduates, the Academy offers a curriculum that integrates cross-cutting skills with the distinctly more specialised skills of metallurgy and digitisation.
The five-year programme focuses on three organisational areas - metallurgy, digital skills, and soft skills - for a total of 600 hours.