Thanks to the passion of our people and a constant drive for innovation and sustainability we support the needs of customers and partners by offering engineering steels that generate a unique and recognisable value along the entire supply chain.


Growing and innovating in harmony with the world, but remaining faithful to the simplicity that has allowed us to become great.


In rugby as in business
you won’t get anywhere on your own.

A. Banzato

Our Values

Team spirit

Team spirit is our go-to strategy: you can’t go it alone if you want to win. "We" comes before all else.

Respect for the rules

In our company, rules are essential to express freedom and balance in the market and within the working environment.
Respect for others and everything around us is an absolute must for us.


For us, passion means putting our hearts into it.
Into everything we do: every step, every process, is the result of a drive for quality and innovation.
At Acciaierie Venete the dedication of individuals comes together to strive for ever more challenging achievements.


In a constant race for improvement, we innovate to build a better future with courage.
We count on our solid foundations to ensure growth and sustainable development.



The attentive training of our staff and the controls we have in place ensure the maximum safety of our employees and the communities that host our facilities.
Health, welfare, environmental quality and working conditions are key issues for Acciaierie Venete.



Reliability is our core value.
Quality, reliability and solidity are the characteristics that have always distinguished us, and that today allow us to deserve the trust of our customers, suppliers and partners.


Attention to the environment is our priority. 
Acciaierie Venete actively participates in the fight against climate change by studying product and process solutions that reduce polluting emissions, maximising the principles of the circular economy.