Our green jewel

Acciaierie Venete considers it important to protect the ecosystems it operates in, both with regard to land use and its environmental impacts, always striving to minimise its impacts.

In order to preserve the land and the nature of a territory that is part of the cultural and geographical roots of the Group, in 2020 the company decided to buy the Valle Zignago farm, an operation that allowed Acciaierie Venete to distribute a portion of the economic value generated in the region.

Valle Zignago is situated the northern end of the Caorle, Venice, valley system and consists of 400 hectares of water, sandbars (land forms typical of lagoons), embankments and farm roads, 410 hectares of cultivated agricultural land and 4.5 hectares of areas pertaining to residential and agricultural buildings.

Valle Zignago
Caorle and Bibione Lagoon nature valley 

The landscape is one of the most evocative of the entire territory of the Venetian lagoon and has a lake-like physiognomy with bodies of water scattered with wooded and cultivated islands.

The valley’s flora does not include any particular botanical rarities with the exception of the bulrush, a rare species located in the eastern Venetian plain. On the other hand, the fauna is highly varied and interesting, with density and diversity reaching exceptional levels.