Producing steel since 1957

Steel products designed to meet the engineering requirements of the automotive, earth-moving and agricultural machinery, energy, mechanics and construction sectors.


From the preparation of scrap to the refining of steel: a transformation that takes place thanks to the cutting-edge technology employed at Acciaierie Venete's steel production facilities.

The production of the numerous grades of steel and hot-rolled products in ACCIAIERIE VENETE is aimed at a variety of specific applications. Careful assessment of our customers' specifications forms part of a process that determines a standard procedure associated with the order.

This procedure tracks the material through the various processing stages – casting, (secondary metallurgy, vacuum degassing, protected casting with regulation of the steel level in the mould with tundish sliding gates, direct or traditional hot rolling, rolling, peeling, quenching and tempering, grinding, inspection and testing).

At the end of the production process, after all non-destructive tests have been carried out and certification of the material prior to despatch has been obtained, technological tests are carried out to ascertain that the product has the optimal properties to make it fit for purpose.